Rogers Endorses Jordan For Speaker

The chief critic of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) formally endorsed him to become House Speaker this week, potentially smoothing the way for the Ohio Republican to take the gavel in the coming days. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) had reportedly courted the idea of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) becoming speaker in a possible bipartisan deal.

Rogers wrote on social media that he and Jordan had “two cordial, thoughtful and productive conversations over the past two days. We agreed on the need for Congress to pass a strong NDAA, appropriations to fund our government’s vital functions and other important legislation like the Farm Bill.”

“As a result, I have decided to support Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House on the floor,” Rogers wrote.

The news will buoy Jordan’s effort, as about 20 House Republicans have indicated that they would not support his bid.

The Ohio Republican also received a boost from former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who said that he expects Jordan to be able to get the votes needed to become speaker.

“I feel very good about where Jim Jordan is at. He has been an integral part of our team when we took the majority, helping us get the majority,” McCarthy told Fox News.

“The real challenge here is, and I know a lot of people out there are afraid that will Republicans break off and go work with Democrats, the only reason anybody’s even talking about that is because eight Republican members worked with every single Democrat to remove me from speaker and put us into this tailspin and all based upon keeping government open,” he said.

The comments also came as the House GOP had a spirited debate over who to nominate for speaker. In the first round of voters, the caucus backed Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), who consequently dropped out of consideration.

In a second vote, Jordan was selected by his colleagues. Jordan was not named speaker in the first round of voting Tuesday.