Editorial Policy

Our Editorial Policy

Congressional Post is dedicated to guarding American democracy and works hard to hold Congress accountable. Our editorial policy focuses on the principles of thoroughness, integrity, and accuracy. We believe it is our duty to keep the public informed and create an environment where our readers can feel confident they are able to make informed decisions.

Unwavering Focus on Facts

Facts are out the core of our reporting. Every member of the Congressional Post team is dedicated to ensuring our stories are rooted in verifiable information. We need to know you are confident you are getting nothing but the truth. We dive dep into the complexities of our government, our officials, their actions and decisions, and more.

Balanced and Informed Analysis

The core values we represent lean towards preserving traditional American values, but our reporting remains unbiased. We understand that very few issues are as black and white as the mainstream media would like us to believe. We work hard to present a multi-faceted view of every topic. Our goal is to provide deeper insight.

Transparency is Paramount

We know that transparency is important to building trust. The team here at Congressional Post is committed to citing our sources and providing insight into how we come to our conclusions. We courage feedback and use your remarks to further shape our approach to the news.

We know our role is a lot bigger than simply reporting news each day. Congressional Post is dedicated to upholding democratic values. Misinformation may run rampant, but we’re dedicated to our cause and will do everything in our power to preserve your freedoms, your rights, and our overall sense of journalistic integrity.