Biden Implies He Would Fistfight Trump

President Joe Biden made a statement this week implying that he would fight former President Donald Trump if given the chance. The comment came after Biden previously implied he would punch the former president and amid a back-and-forth between the two over a potential debate.

The president made the comments during an interview with radio host Howard Stern.

“But by that time, I was over most of the stuttering, but like, for example, you know, I mean, Trump makes fun of me,” Biden said. “Here’s the kind of guy in the neighborhood you wish you could have gotten in the neighborhood and meet head to head.”

Trump challenged Biden to a debate at any time at any place earlier this year. This week the president said that he would accept such a challenge.

It was not clear whether or not such a debate would take place before the three scheduled for later this year, although Trump renewed his call for an immediate event.

In 2016 then-Vice President Biden said that he would challenge Trump to a fight. The comment came after a tape of Trump talking about his relationships with women was released from the show ‘Access Hollywood.’ Biden criticized Trump and said that Trump made a “disgusting assertion.”

Biden said that the press asked him whether or not he wanted to debate Trump.

Instead, Biden said that he wished both were in “high school” in order to “take him behind the gym.”

“That’s what I wish,” he said.

Trump accepted such a challenge, stating that he would “love” to fight “Mr. Tough Guy,” referring to Biden.

“You know when he’s Mr. Tough Guy? When he’s standing in front of a microphone by himself,” said Trump at the time.

In 2018 Biden also said that he would love to “beat the hell” out of Trump.

The president’s most recent comments also came as Trump has gained significantly in the polls over the last month, including a series of leads in both national and statewide surveys.