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Thank you for racing out to Congressional Post. We are committed to remaining vigilant against Congresspeople who go astray. Congress is here to work for us, and by keeping an eye on their Capitol Hill activities, as well as the financial news of the day, we intend to keep Americans with traditional values informed about issues affecting their everyday lives.

Our Journalistic Mission

We believe it’s the place of the press to keep Congress accountable. Enshrined in our sacred Constitution, the freedom of the press means it’s our right and duty to keep Americans with conservative values informed about what Congress is doing up on Capitol Hill — and how those actions and votes affect the market.

About the Congressional Post Team

The Congressional Post team values balanced and fair coverage of news coming from Capitol Hill. Favoring a perspective of traditional values, we put news about your personal freedoms and the markets front and center. We’re here for hardworking Americans like you.

Our team comes from all over the country and includes stay-at-home parents, full-time workers, rural and small town residents, and writers and editors embedded in liberal enclaves of the liberal elite. We’re dedicated to bringing you the truth.

Contacting Congressional Post

We love hearing feedback, suggestions, and critique from our audience. We encourage you to get in touch with the Congressional Post staff. To reach our editors, simply reply to any newsletter with your questions, concerns, news tips, and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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