Poll Downplays Importance Of Trump Trials In Elections

An increasing number of Americans are saying that the outcome of the multiple criminal trials against former President Donald Trump does not affect their perception of whether or not he is fit for the job. The comments came as the New York trial of the former president stemming from his alleged brief relationship with former adult film actress Stormy Daniels finished its second week.

The most recent CNN poll found that 45% of Americans said that the charges against Trump “are not relevant to his fitness for the presidency even if true.” This was up from 39% of Americans who said the same in 2023.

Furthermore, about 75% of those currently supporting Trump said that they will even if he is convicted in a court of law. Only 24% of current Trump supporters said that they would consider changing their vote.

Furthermore, just 44% of voters said that the jury in the New York case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) would “be able to reach a fair verdict.” A further majority of 56% said that they doubted a “fair outcome” in the trial.

In addition, just 13% of the public said that Trump was being treated equally to other criminal defendants, while 34% said that he was being treated more harshly. Another 34% said that he was being treated with more leniency while 19% did not have an opinion.

The former president has framed the charges as “Biden trials” and “election interference.”

The former president did not appear to be restricted by the trial. Despite a day in court being scheduled when he was planning a campaign rally, Trump made alternative plans. In addition, last week he was greeted by hundreds of supporters in New York City.

The former president was also welcomed by dozens of supporters during a visit to a store in the city following on of the days in court. Trump said that his campaign would make a major push to win New York State, citing issues there regarding crime and the influx of migrants.