Ex-Clinton Adviser Calls For Young Voters To Back Biden

Former Clinton administration adviser James Carville sharply criticized young voters who have expressed opposition to President Joe Biden, especially over the conflict in the Middle East. The strong words came amid a series of polls that showed Biden struggling with most demographics, including losing significant ground among young people.

Carville made the comments during a recent interview, saying that young people may not be excited about two older candidates. He then used two expletives to describe his feelings.

“Are you watching what is happening in the Supreme Court?” he said.

The comments came as polls showed Biden losing much of his edge among young people. There is significant disapproval among the group related to student loan debt and the current war in the Middle East.

Young people are often one of the cores of support for the Democratic Party, alongside minority voters and single women. However, it appears that Biden’s support among young voters has fallen substantially.

Furthermore, there is concern in the Biden camp over the status of Black and Muslim American voters. Black voters have increased their support for former President Donald Trump. While the former president would likely not win a majority of the group, any significant loss of support could impact states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and others.

In addition, Biden has lost significant ground among Latino voters, with some polls showing Trump winning the group outright. This could jeopardize Biden’s chances in states such as Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

In addition, the Biden campaign was rebuffed by a number of Muslim American and Arab American leaders following the Hamas terrorist attack that killed about 1,200 people last Oct. 7. Muslim American leaders called for their followers to cast their ballots for ‘uncommitted’ rather than for Biden in the Democratic Party presidential primary.

The group exceeded its initial goal.

It is unlikely that most of the nation’s Muslim Americans will cast their votes for Trump, but it is reasonably likely that they could vote third party or stay home. Such a result could damage Biden’s chances of winning in Michigan and Minnesota, among other states.