Trump Renews Biden Debate Challenge

Former President Donald Trump renewed his call to debate President Joe Biden as soon as possible. The former president’s comments came after Biden said this week that he would accept the challenge.

Biden said Friday that he would accept a debate against the former president during an interview with Howard Stern. The president’s comments came after weeks of challenge from Trump to debate him at any time at any place.

“I am, somewhere, I don’t know when,” said Biden. “I’m happy to debate him.”

The former president quickly responded to Biden’s statement later the same day.

Trump wrote what he called a “LETTER TO JOE” in which he said that he was “ready to go anywhere that you are.”

Trump said that the debate could happen in Washington D.C., including the White House. The former president said that the debate could alternatively take place in New York “when your Radical Left Fascists are finished with ELECTION INTERFERENCE against your Political Opponent, ME.”

“In any event, let’s get it done,” Trump wrote.

“The People of our Country deserve to know why you have allowed 15 Million People, many from Prisons and Mental Institutions, to invade our Country at our now very OPEN Southern Border, or why you want everybody to foolishly have, in 5 years, an All Electric Car, which won’t go far, is very expensive, and will be Made in China, or why you are allowing Energy Prices to skyrocket, our Economy to crash and Inflation to reach levels that we have never seen before,” Trump wrote.

The former president said that the “American People have a right to know!”

Trump wrote that he was willing to carry out the debate on any night. He also invited Biden to the courthouse where he is facing criminal charges stemming from an alleged brief relationship with adult actress Stormy Daniels.

Trump has been challenging the president to a debate for almost two months.

Biden has not responded with a plan for an exact time.