Poll: 84% Say Inflation Has Hurt Their Family

A vast majority of Americans believe that current economic issues, including inflation, have negatively impacted their families. The news runs counter to the efforts of President Joe Biden to tout his ‘Bidenomics’ approach to the American economy and could foul his efforts at reelection next year.

The numbers come from a recent McLaughlin & Associates poll. Among Americans, 84% said that inflation had an impact, large or small, on their family’s finances., Only 16% disagreed with the assertion. Among those who have been impacted by the effects of inflation, 46% said that they are “struggling.”

Another 38% said that inflation has had a “small impact” on their families. The recent figure is near the peak of public concern on the issue.

Since the polling agency started asking about inflation last year, at least 79% of Americans have said that inflation had negatively impacted their families, peaking at 85% earlier this year.

Despite statements by the president and actions by the Federal Reserve, inflation is still significantly above the central bank’s 2% target. In particular, food, housing and automobiles are all much more expensive on average than prior to Biden taking office in 2021.

In addition, despite the fact that the overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell slightly in October, the “core” index minus food and fuel prices still remained high at 4%.

McLaughlin & Associates also ran a poll asking voters about their preferred choice for president. The results found that former President Donald Trump is leading Biden by a significant margin of 49%-43%. The figure correlates to a number of national polls which have the former president ahead of Biden.

Furthermore, the same McLaughlin & Associates poll found other news supporting Trump. When asked about the several criminal cases against the former president, 67% of the public believes that politics was among the reasons he was charged.

This included 61% of the public who said that the Justice Department should not prosecute Trump and that the 2024 election should make the decision on his fate.