Dem Strategist Accuses Trump Of Having Illness

Democratic political strategist James Carville issued a bizarre accusation against former President Donald Trump this week. Following an image showing the former president with reddened fingers, Carville opined that Trump had syphilis.

Carville claimed that he spoke to several doctors after the photo of Trump’s hand spread on social media. He said that “Maybe the picture was doctored or whatever, but maybe this will go somewhere, maybe it won’t, but I’m just telling you I’m humping this thing like an old dog on old furniture.”

The Democratic Party strategist also said that the former president had “the clap,” which is often used to describe gonorrhea, another intimate personal disease.

Carville previously served as a senior political adviser to former President Bill Clinton.

Despite the political operative’s accusations, there has been no such evidence of a personal disease affecting the former president. In his health reports issued when he was in office, his doctors found him to be healthy for his age and full of energy.

No such reports referenced such a disease, nor has the former president said that he suffers from such an illness.

The photo of the former president occurred as the former president testified in a civil trial regarding author E. Jean Carroll.

During the trial, the judge threatened to remove Trump from the proceedings.

Trump’s attorney Alina Habba said that Kaplan’s decision not to adjourn the trial on Thursday was “insanely prejudicial.” The former president’s legal team argued that the adjournment would allow him to travel to the funeral of the mother of his wife Melania Trump.

The judge interrupted the attorney, saying that he would “hear no further argument on it.”

Trump replied that he would “love it” if that happened. When Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said that the former president “just can’t control yourself in this circumstance,” Trump replied that the judge “couldn’t either.”

During the proceedings, the former president stated several times that statements made during the proceedings were untrue. The judge replied by asking the former president “take special care to keep his voice down.”