Voters Rate Trump Presidency Higher Than Biden’s

Voters rated the administration of former President Donald Trump more favorably than that of his successor, President Joe Biden. The positive rating came after a series of polls showed the former president leading Biden both nationally and in a number of critical swing states.

According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 56% of voters described Trump’s time in the White House as “successful.” Among this number, 22% said that it was a “complete success.”

However, a majority of voters said that Biden’s presidency so far has been “unsuccessful.” This includes 58% of the general public, while 40% said that Biden’s administration has been a “complete failure.”

Furthermore, the poll shows advantages for Trump among independent voters. Such Americans rated Trump higher than Biden on the same question. Among independents, 53% said that Trump’s White House tenure was successful, as compared to 34% who said the same of Biden.

Trump has led in most national polls in recent months.

Furthermore, the former president has also opened a lead in a number of states that will likely decide the Electoral College. This includes a number of states that Biden carried narrowly in 2020.

The former president has also rated highly among voters regarding fitness for office. Even prior to the release of the report of special counsel Robert Hur which characterized Biden as a forgetful elderly man, Trump led in a head-to-head comparison to the president.

Biden was described in multiple polls as not being physically or mentally fit for another term in the White House. Furthermore, the same polls have also shown a large majority of Americans describing Biden as being too old for the presidency at 81 years old. The president would be 86 if he completed a second term in office.

Not only has Trump led in most recent polls, but betting markets are increasingly predicting that he will be chosen to return to the White House by the American people in November.