Trump Trusted More Than Biden: Poll

A recent poll showed that a larger number of Americans trust former President Donald Trump on various issues over President Joe Biden. The latest polling result aligns with other recent surveys that place the former president ahead of Biden both nationally and in crucial swing states.

According to the most recent ABC News/Ipsos poll, Trump leads Biden by 2% among all respondents. Trump currently received 46% compared to Biden’s 44%.

Furthermore, the poll showed that Trump received high marks from the public on a number of major issues.

When asked about which candidate would do better on certain issues, Trump led on many of the most important to the American public. When asked about which candidate would be better suited to lead on the economy, Trump led by a margin of 46% to 32%. On the topic of inflation, Trump led 44% to 30%.

In addition, on the matter of crime and safety, Trump held a comfortable lead with 41% to Biden’s 33%.

Furthermore, Trump’s largest advantage was on the issue of immigration, which he led with 47% to Biden’s 30%. Trump led on a number of other issues, including the United States’ standing in the world, the current conflict in the Middle East and gun violence.

Biden led on the issue of abortion and held a narrow lead over the issue of health care.

The latest poll is one of a number that appear to show Trump with an advantage heading toward the November election. The former president appears to be poised to win a number of states that will likely decide the Electoral College.

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll indicates that Trump opened a 12% lead over Biden nationally when considering third-party candidates.

According to the poll, Trump received 48% of the public, while Biden trailed with 36%. Coming in third is independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who pulled in 8%.

Coming behind these candidates were Professor Cornel West and likely Green Party nominee Jill Stein, who each received 1% support.