Trump Plans Major Deportation Effort

Former President Donald Trump promised to deport millions of illegal immigrants if he is elected to another term in November and his campaign team released details of the proposed operation. The plan comes as the United States has taken in more than an estimated seven million illegal aliens since President Joe Biden took office in 2021.

Trump said that his new administration would carry out the “largest mass deportation effort” in the country’s history. According to the former president’s campaign, he would utilize similar efforts as utilized by the Eisenhower administration to deport more than one million migrants in the 1950s.

“If you’re coming from somewhere full of people who want to kill Americans, we will not let you in,” Trump said.

The Trump campaign indicates that the proposed plan would deport about 20 million people from the country.

Former Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Tom Homan said that there were “systems in place that are very good at identifying people.”

He said that the country would need additional resources to make the deportation happen and would “still prioritize criminals and national security threats first, they are the most dangerous for the country.”

“But I would say no one is off the table. If you’re in this country illegally… then we’ll remove you,” he added.

The number of attempted crossings over the southern border has increased substantially since Biden took office. This includes the attempted entry of more than three million migrants last year, which set a new record. Included in this figure is more than 300,000 attempted crossings in December of last year, which is also a record level.

There have been efforts to halt or slow the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country, including Texas’ Operation Lone Star. The state utilized police and the Texas National Guard to protect the state’s border with Mexico along the Rio Grande.

While the operation has had considerable success in reducing the number of migrants entering Texas, it also placed the state in a legal battle with the Biden administration, especially over the deployment of border barriers.