Trump Receives High Support Among American Catholics

Former President Donald Trump opened a large lead with American Catholics, according to a new poll. The result follows a series of positive polls for the former president, with many polls showing him ahead of President Joe Biden both nationally and in a number of swing states that will likely decide the 2024 election.

According to a recent Pew Research poll, the former president has the support of 55% of Catholic voters. On the other hand, 43% support Biden, the nation’s second Catholic president.

Trump led the group by 1% in 2020.

Several factors may be impacting Trump’s increase in support. It may reflect the general rise in support for the former president among the general public. It may also indicate the growing popularity of Trump among Latinos.

Some polls show Trump leading the group outright or being just behind the president.

The Pew poll indicates part of this story, as Biden currently leads Latino Catholics by 2%. Biden currently has 49% while Trump has 47%. This compares to 2020, where Biden led the group by more than 30%.

Polls have also shown increasing support for Republicans among Protestant Latinos, which is a rapidly-growing part of the nation’s Latino population.

Furthermore, Trump leads among all American Protestants by a wide margin. The former president currently has 60% support among the group, with only 38% going for Biden.

The president does have support among self-declared atheists, agnostics and those with no religious affiliation. Biden leads that group with 69% compared to 28% for Trump.

According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump leads Biden in head-to-head polls by 1.5% on average.

This includes a recent Harvard-Harris poll that had Trump up by 4% and another CNN poll that showed the former president with a 6% lead.

Of the last ten polls averaged by the website, Trump led in seven of them while two were ties and Biden led by 2% in a recent NPR/PBS/Marist survey. The former president has also fared well in a variety of polls of individual states, which may bode well for his quest to return to the White House.