Vast Majority Of New Yorkers Show Concern About Migrant Crisis

A large majority of New Yorkers are concerned about the current inflow of migrants, according to a recent poll. In addition, residents of the Empire State place the blame on the White House as New York strains under the flow of more than 100,000 migrants since last year.

A new Siena College poll showed that 84% of the state’s residents describe the migrant wave as a “serious” issue, including 57% who believe that it is a “very” serious problem. Only 12% of New Yorkers stated that the current migrant situation is not serious.

When asked about President Joe Biden’s handling of the current situation, 64% said that they disapproved, with 29% approving.

The concern over migrant entry cut across a number of demographic barriers, with large majorities of different races, religions and political parties viewing the issue as particularly serious. This included residents of both the state’s more densely-populated downstate region and its more rural upstate region.

Furthermore, almost two-thirds of those asked said that the state had done enough for the new arrivals and believed that the number of migrants should be slowed or stopped.

Furthermore, 58% of state residents agreed with New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ recent comments that the current crisis “will destroy” the city.

In addition, 54% of New York voters said that the current migration is more of a burden than a benefit, with another 32% disagreeing.

The number of New Yorkers believing that the migrant wave is more of a hindrance than a benefit increased since the same question was asked in August.

New York has received more than 100,000 migrants since the beginning of last year. The state is facing increased flows of migrants, especially since the Biden administration’s decision earlier this year to end former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 asylum program.

New York leaders have stated that their city cannot handle the increased pressure from thousands of migrants. A number of hotels and public buildings have acted as shelters for illegal aliens. Furthermore, highly-publicized photos from during the summer showed migrants sleeping on cardboard on city sidewalks.