Counterprotesters Rally Against Anti-Israel Protesters

Students on various campuses have begun counterdemonstrations against the growing wave of anti-Israel protests on college campuses, including those considered to be increasingly antisemitic. The actions started with students at a North Carolina college defending the American flag from pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The impetus of the counterprotest movement appears to have started last week at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill where students protected the American flag from the anti-Israel protesters. A photo of the students holding the flag made national news and received considerable attention.

Following the actions to defend the flag, thousands of people have donated to a GoFundMe page to throw the students a party. The fundraiser received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

Furthermore, the head of the Ultra Right Beer Company said that his beverage brand would help the students hold a “Frat Boy Summer Kickoff” for the students.

The program was planned for May 7 at the Kappa Alpha order house as a thanks for those who acted swiftly.

The company’s CEO Seth Weathers said that his brand was “trying to get this very organic, just a good old-fashioned, frat row, beer party.”

“I love the idea of just continuing to encourage them about what they did so that that will encourage, you know, other kids in college and everywhere else to know they did the right thing,” Weathers said.

His company planned to give out free beer to those who attend the party.

Following the actions in North Carolina, a series of other students have met the anti-Israel protesters with American flags across the country. This includes students from a number of fraternities.

At Rutgers university, students began their own demonstrations, chanting “U.S.A.” The event occured after Jewish students on the campus were unable to hold a barbecue because of the ongoing protests.

At George Washington University Law School, protesters draped a statue of George Washington with the Palestinian flag and a scarf. In response, college staff draped a large American flag on the side of a building.