Trump: ‘Success’ If Elected To Second Term

Former President Donald Trump promised “success” if the American people elected him to another term in November during a Fox News forum Wednesday. He also said that there has been “bedlam” during the tenure of President Joe Biden.

The former president told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier that he had multiple plans for improving the country and international relations. He said that his foreign policy approach would be “peace through strength.”

Trump was coy about who he might choose as his vice presidential running mate if he was nominated by the Republican Party. He said that he currently knows “who it’s going to be.”

The former president also rebuffed a question about him being a “big government Republican” from Baier. Trump said that during his tenure the country began paying down “a lot of debt when COVID came along. If I didn’t inject this country with money, you would have had a depression, the likes of which you have never seen.”

He added that the stimulus spent during the pandemic allowed “businesses who were going bankrupt” to stay on their feet. Without this spending, he said, “you would have had a depression in this country.”

“That was a very good investment. And now what they should be doing instead of the kind of debt that they’re building at record levels, they should be paying down their debt and they ought to go into the energy business instead of this green new scam business that they’re in,” said the former president.

Trump added that there is “chaos” under Biden’s administration. He cited issues at the U.S.-Mexico border and said that there was chaos in the military, where “people are going woke.” He said that Biden couldn’t “put two sentences together. And he’s representing us on nuclear weapons” with China and Russia “and all of these very smart people.”

He then cited a number of Democratic talking points against his time in office, including the “phony Russia, Russia, Russia.” He added that the first impeachment against him was “phony.”

Trump then touted what he described as successes during his time in the White House, including “the biggest tax cuts” and “biggest regulation cuts” in history.