Voters Rank Trump Above Biden On Key Issues

A recent poll showed that former President Donald Trump received higher marks on a number of issues important to the American public than President Joe Biden. The latest poll also comes amid a series that showed Trump leading Biden in both at the national and statewide level.

According to the most recent NBC News poll the former president is trusted on inflation by 52% of voters compared to 30% for Biden. The poll also showed that 69% of the public disapprove of Biden’s handling of the southern border.

The former president is also ahead of Biden in the general election by a margin of 46% to 44%.

The former president argued that his improving poll numbers were due to the criminal trials against him. Trump’s campaign brought in more than $1 million last week following the opening of his New York trial.

The former president has received considerable good news from a number of recent polls. This included pulling ahead of Biden in a series of national polls, such as the NBC News one mentioned above. Furthermore, a recent Wall Street Journal poll found Trump leading in six of seven swing states.

The recent Wall Street Journal poll was consistent with a series that showed Trump leading in most of the swing states. Some of the states are those that Trump won in 2016 but not in 2020. He is leading in states that he won in both election cycles, as well as Nevada, which he did not win in either.

The former president has also seen a significant increase of support among several demographic groups, including Black and Latino voters. In addition, Biden has lost considerable support among several groups, especially Muslim American and Arab American voters.

The Biden campaign is concerned that the decline in support among Muslim American voters could cost him several key states. There is a small but electorally significant Muslim American population in states such as Michigan and Minnesota.

Muslim leaders in Michigan rebuffed a potential meeting with the Biden campaign. Some Muslim American leaders in the state also called on their followers to vote for ‘uncommitted’ in the Democratic Party presidential primary over the president, beating their initial expectations.