Trump Leading Biden In Crucial States

Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign received good news this week from a recently released poll showing him leading President Joe Biden in a number of important swing states. The news also comes as Biden struggles with historically low approval ratings ahead of November’s election.

The Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll found Trump in the lead of every swing state surveyed. The poll placed the president and former president against activist Robert F. Kennedy, who is running as an independent.

Currently, Trump is leading Biden by 6% in Arizona and 8% in Georgia. These are two states that the president carried narrowly in 2020. Trump is also well ahead in Florida, leading by 11%.

Trump has smaller leads in other states, including a 1% advantage in Pennsylvania. Trump also leads Biden by 2% in Michigan and 4% in North Carolina.

Trump also holds a significant lead on the eve of the Republican presidential primary season. The former president leads his fellow GOP rivals in every major national and state poll ahead of the Iowa caucuses later this month.

Biden’s low approval rating is the lowest for recent presidents entering into their fourth year. One recent poll had Biden’s approval at just 43%, with 56% disapproving.

Some recent polls have had Biden’s approval rating below 40%. The president’s approval rating has taken a hit amid economic concerns and lingering inflation.

In particular, more Americans describe the current situation at the southern border to be a very serious issue than in previous years. More than two million migrants crossed the border into the United States in 2023 alone, marking the third year of high levels during the Biden administration.

A total of 63% of Americans said that the White House should be “tougher” regarding the border situation, with only 21% saying that the administration is “handling things right.” Furthermore, the number of Americans who believe in tougher measures increased from 55% in September.

A total of 75% of Americans expressed alarm over the issues at the border, with 45% calling it a “crisis.” Another 30% said that it was “very serious.”