Pro-Yemen Protesters In New York Rally Against Airstrikes

Protesters chanted pro-Yemen and anti-American and anti-Israel slogans during a protest in New York this week following American and British airstrikes on the Houthi rebel group. The strikes in Yemen came after weeks of Houthi rocket and drone attacks against merchant vessels and American warships.

Friday saw hundreds of protesters demonstrating in New York following the first wave of airstrikes on the Houthi rebels.

During one part of the protest in Manhattan, some protesters stole an Israeli flag carried by a couple. A man was caught on video shouting an expletive at them and screaming “Long live Hamas!”

The protesters chanted a slogan similar to that used by Palestinians, declaring that “from the river to the sea, Temen will be free.” Some of the protesters specifically singled out President Joe Biden, calling him an expletive and “Genocide Joe.”

As the protest continued, demonstrators ripped down “Stand with Israel” stickers and shouted expletives about the Jewish state. One protest lead said that the group had “no faith in your courts, your institutions, your governments. The United States, the United Kingdom, all puppet Arab Zionist normalizing regimes…We only have faith in the resistance.”

“As long as there is resistance in Palestine and Yemen, as long as there is a blockade on Yemen and Gaza, we will stand up to resist it,” the leader said.

Some of the protesters carried Palestinian and Yemeni banners and shouted slogans condemning the United States and Israel.

In Yemen’s capital Saana, video footage appears to show tens of thousands participating in anti-Israel and anti-American protests. The demonstrators carried flags of Yemen and Palestine.

The Houthis vowed revenge for the attacks.

Following the Thursday raids against the Houthis, the United States launched a second round of attacks on Friday.

The initial attack targeted around 60 sites across Yemen and included both American and British aircraft.

Despite the attacks, the Houthis launched several other attacks on merchant shipping Friday. One missile or drone struck a Russian oil tanker transiting into the Red Sea.