Large Majority Of Democrats Seek Trump Removed From Ballot

According to a recent poll, a large majority of Democrats sought to have former President Donald Trump removed from the ballot. The survey came as the U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide whether or not state-level bans on the former president’s candidacy should be allowed to stand.

The Rasmussen poll found that 47% of the general public supported keeping Trump off of state ballots. A further 50% disagreed. Among those who approved of removing the former president’s name from the ballot was a large majority of Democrats. A full 78% of Democrats support the move.

Within the Democratic coalition, some disagreed strongly. Among Black voters, 24% disapproved of the action, while 70% agreed. Just 19% of Democrats overall objected to the move to remove him.

Previous polls found a similar split among the American people regarding whether or not Trump should be removed from the ballot. While many Americans are opposed to the move, a combination of court and bureaucratic decisions were used to strip his name.

The Supreme Court has not indicated how it will rule in the case of Colorado removing the former president from the state’s Republican Party presidential primary ballot. However, it appears likely that it will reject the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove the former president’s name.

The Colorado high court decision was followed by a decision by the Maine Secretary of State to remove the former president’s name from that state’s primary election ballot.

The Colorado and Maine decisions drew significant criticism from Republicans, who considered them a restriction on the choices of the American people.

“I hope that democracy in this country will continue,” Trump said about the Supreme Court arguments.

The former president and his allies blamed the Biden administration for the efforts to change the ballots. The Maine secretary of state has been accused of coordinating with the White House to make the decision.

Furthermore, the Hawaii state legislature is considering a similar bill that would bar Trump from their ballot.