Israel Agrees To Potential Ceasefire

Israel has reportedly accepted the terms of a potential ceasefire on the verge of an attack on the last Hamas stronghold of Rafah in Gaza. However, despite the apparent Israeli readiness for a lull in the fighting, there are few indications that Hamas will accept the terms of the ceasefire.

As part of the potential deal, there would be a six-week ceasefire and would seek the release of sick, elderly and female hostages being held by the terrorist group.

The ceasefire is reportedly being pushed by the Biden administration on the verge of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The effort is being supported by Egypt and Qatar.

Despite the tentative agreement, whether or not the ceasefire will go into operation will be up to Hamas, which started the war through a calculated terrorist attack last October that killed almost 1,200 people.

The potential ceasefire news came as Israel prepared to take the city of Rafah, which is still held by Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would attack the city regardless of a ceasefire. The operation would proceed after any potential ceasefire, Netanyahu said.

Furthermore, Netanyahu cited recent polls that showed large proportions of the American public supporting Israel when asked about alleged pressure from the Biden administration for a ceasefire.

The news of a potential ceasefire also came as the United States began airdrops of humanitarian supplies in Gaza.

President Joe Biden ordered the drops of supplies in Gaza after he apparently confused the region accepting the food and medicine with Ukraine during a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Biden’s decision also came after his administration received considerable criticism from Arab American and Muslim American groups for what they see as his support of Israel during the ongoing war.

The conflict in the Middle East and Biden’s reaction to it could have a large impact on the November election. Should Biden lose some or most of the support of Arab and Muslim Americans, some states such as Michigan could be at risk.

Biden won Muslim Americans by a large margin in 2020.