Comer Subpoenas Records From James Biden

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is subpoenaing bank records related to James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden. The action comes as the Oversight Committee and House Judiciary Committee expand their probes into the business dealings of the Biden family, which could have significant implications in the recently initiated impeachment probe into the president.

Comer sought records related to Lion Hall Group and JBBSR, Inc., which are both tied to the president’s brother. The Kentucky Republican said that the House Oversight Committee could not determine any “legitimate services provided by James Biden’s companies.”

Comer focused on the records related to CelticCapri Corp, which received almost $10 million in 2017. The company’s records did not indicate the specific elements of the funding.

Comer called it a “real LLC account with more earnings in there than what we can find. So that is an account we plan to subpoena as we follow the money.”

Of note to Comer and the committee was the working relationship between James Biden and his nephew Hunter Biden, including their business dealings with CEFC China Energy Co., which is linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Overall, Republicans estimate that companies related to the Bidens received almost $1.4 million from the company.

There were also a number of other transfers totaling millions of dollars, including to close business ally Rob Walker, which may be directly related to Biden.

The House held its first hearings related to the impeachment probe this week, requesting information regarding millions in alleged payments to members of the Biden family, including via James Biden.

The committee chairman also recently announced subpoenas for further records from both James and Hunter Biden in relation to the investigation.

Comer said that the first impeachment inquiry showed that existing evidence was “deserving further inquiry. And that is what this committee will do, no matter where that evidence lads.” He further stated that the committee was seeking “where the Bidens’ foreign money ended up for what purposes.”

Comer is seeking business records related to both of the president’s close relatives.