Chicago Moving Migrants To Tent City

The city of Chicago is moving a number of migrants from temporary shelters inside of police stations into a series of tents. Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) faces increasing criticism for his handling of the current migrant crisis.

The mayor’s order would move 1,600 migrants from the city’s police departments into tents prior the the winter, despite the city’s reputation for harsh cold.

We’ve identified multiple locations around the city that can be suitable to treat the families of individuals, who by law are seeking asylum constitutionally, legally, to have a place that recognizes their dignity,” the mayor said.

In addition to the police station migrant shelters, the city’s O’Hare International Airport is currently holding about 400 illegal immigrants.

The mayor also implied that the city would have to raise taxes to handle the migrant situation. He said that “the cost of inaction will be far more substantial,” he said.

Johnson said that the current process “is not dignified. So my plan is to move, with expediency, families out of police stations into housing and shelter that’s more suitable.”

City residents have protested a number of proposals to house migrants in the city. A number of protesters spoke out against a plan to use a former high school as a migrant center in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood.

There was also a protest late last month against a migrant resettlement plan in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. The protests revolve around the plan to house 300 migrants at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel.

Overall, the city estimates that it has 6,500 migrants in its shelters.

City leaders have stated that the city is currently at or over capacity in handling thousands of migrants who entered the city since President Joe Biden took office in 2021.

The issues facing similar issues in a number of other major cities, including Los Angeles and New York. Several of the locations had passed sanctuary city resolutions. New York Mayor Eric Adams recently said that the large influx of migrants threatens the survival of the city.