White House May Release $10 Billion To Iran

The Biden administration may release $10 billion to the Islamic Republic of Iran amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The move was criticized by congressional Republicans during a time when Iran is supporting a number of groups attacking American and Israeli interests in the region.

The State Department agreed to a waiver that allowed electricity payments from Iraq to be sent to Iran. This included about $10 billion in funds frozen by American sanctions. The current sanctions plan will expire later this month unless it is specifically renewed by the Biden administration.

A group of Republicans in Congress wrote a letter to the Departments of the Treasury and State regarding the potential sanctions waiver.

Given the Biden Administration’s posture on the last waiver we presume that the Biden Administration will renew the waiver again to continue to allow for the transfer of funds from Iraq to Oman,” read the letter. “By waiving the application of sanctions, the Administration is maintaining a financial lifeline for the Iranian regime, even as it continues to support terrorist organizations around the world.”

The potential release of funds comes as Iran is backing a number of groups across the Middle East involved in the escalating conflict. Iran aided a number of militant groups in and around the Middle East that attacked American troops, leading to three U.S. deaths.

Furthermore, Iran is aiding the Houthi rebel group in Yemen, which is attacking shipping in and around the Red Sea. The Houthis launched a number of significant attacks over the weekend, including one strike that killed three sailors aboard a civilian vessel.

The United States launched a number of strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen in response to the attacks.

The Houthis have also launched a number of attacks on U.S. Navy vessels in the region, including an alleged drone attack this weekend.

Furthermore, Iran has aided the Hamas terrorist group, which launched the Oct. 7 attack in Israel which killed 1,200 civilians and sparked the current war.

The Islamic Republic is also aiding the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, which is involved in a smoldering conflict with Israel on that country’s northern border.