Video Shows Migrants On Train Approaching Border

A video of dozens of migrants riding a train toward the U.S.-Mexico border appears to validate conservative critics of the Biden administration’s approach to border security. The film, released this week, comes as the nation struggles with the steady flow of migrants from the southern border.

The video from Zacatecas, Mexico showed a number of open cars crowded by migrants. The migrants could be heard cheering as they approached the border Sunday.

The video also comes as the number of migrant crossings increased significantly since President Joe Biden announced the end of the Title 42 asylum policy initiated by former President Donald Trump.

This increased flow included several border regions facing thousands of migrant crossings each day. The town of Ajo, Arizona has seen 2,000 migrants cross per day, while the Rio Grande Valley Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sector has more than 20,000 migrants in custody.

The pressure from the migrant wave has affected a number of different parts of the country. New York has struggled with more than 100,000 migrant arrivals since last year. Gotham has attempted to place the migrants in a number of former public facilities and hotels.

This week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said that the migrant crisis would primarily fall on his city’s poorer residents.

New York City has also promulgated a 5% budget cut on numerous agencies in response to the migrant crisis. Currently, the mayor is considering a deeper 15% cut to offset the costs of the current situation.

“That money is going to come from somewhere,” the mayor said. “If we don’t receive help from the federal government and additional help from the state government, then this is going to come from somewhere. And it’s going to hurt low-income New Yorkers.”

Adams also said that it was “wrong for the migrants and asylum-seekers to be going through this. And it’s wrong for long-term New Yorkers that depend on this revenue.”

Adams had also made recent comments that the migrant wave would destroy the city.