Protesters Block Entrance To Disney World

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked one of the entrances to Disney World this week, sparking an angry backlash from visitors. The news came amid other disruptions nationwide, including of travel locations and of multiple college graduations.

Several members of the group ‘Queers for Palestine’ blocked the entrance to the popular theme park off of Interstate 4 in Orlando. The protesters said that Disney “supports genocide.” The protesters held a banner across the ramp, disrupting traffic while chanting pro-Palestinian messages.

Videos from the scene show drivers upset with the protesters, with at least one person getting out of their car to confront the demonstrators.

One protester shouted back obscenities at the driver, citing “45,000 people dead” and called the motorist a “genocide sympathizer.”

The figure cited as the death toll of the conflict in Gaza is not accurate as Israel battles the terrorist group Hamas there.

Photos from the scene show one protester standing on a car raising two fingers. The organization also wrote on social media that there would be no “business as usual during genocide.”

The group also criticized Disney for including an Israeli superhero in an upcoming ‘Captain America film.

This weekend about three dozen students left the commencement ceremony where comedian Jerry Seinfeld was speaking. He was greeted by boos from a minority of the crowd before a larger portion started chanting his name.

Furthermore, protesters disrupted two other college graduation ceremonies in Michigan and California earlier this week.

Earlier this year pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted traffic at multiple locations nationwide. This included one of the entrances to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, one of the busiest in the world.

Protesters also blocked the spans of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. In the case of the Golden Gate, the lanes were closed for much of the day as the protesters resisted efforts to evict them.

The actions also came as a number of college campuses saw sharp increases in protests, including some that required police intervention.