House Passes Effort To Block Defunding Police

Several dozen Democrats voted against a Republican-led resolution that condemned efforts to defund police departments. The passage came amid Republican efforts to back police departments facing a significant increase in crime over the last five years.

The House approved the measure Friday despite firm opposition from some Democrats. The measure passed 337-61, with many Democrats joining with the Republicans. The resolution criticized a “lack of accountability for violent criminals with decreased penalties and no-bail policies.”

It also said that the change in policy “has opened the door for record criminal activity in cities across the country.”

The effort was opposed by 61 House Democrats, including those in the socialist ‘Squad’ conference.

One of the ‘Squad’ members, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) said that the resolution was an example of those that “mislead the public about violent crime rates, legislation that increases the availability of deadly weapons in our communities and bills that fuel xenophobic and anti-immigrant sentiments do not make our communities safer—for our children, for our most vulnerable neighbors, for law enforcement, other first responders or anyone else.”

Despite the criticism from Democrats, Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN) said that in recent years police officers have been “punching bags.” He said that law enforcement was expected to “take the verbal assault and show up with a smile on their face ready to serve.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik blamed President Joe Biden “and far left failed leadership.” She said that Democrats embraced a “pro-criminal agency” that threatened the “safety of America’s law enforcement.”

Lawless liberals handicap our police from doing their jobs with failed bail reform like my home state in New York and pro-criminal policies that appease the far left Democrats’ defund the police agenda,” she said.

Despite the support of a number of prominent Democrats in 2020, the Defund the Police movement has faced several setbacks, even from the political left. A number of Democrats have renounced the effort and President Joe Biden said that he wanted to “refund the police” during a State of the Union address.