Pro-Communist Manifesto Found At Columbia

A left-wing manifesto was found in the aftermath of the student protests on Columbia University’s campus. The document sharply criticized the United States and included communist-style language and arguments.

The document entitled “National Liberation Struggles” was found in one of the college laboratory classrooms following the protests. The document stated that the United States and Israel are at the heart of a number of the world’s issues. It said that world governments support “genocide in Gaza,” referring to Israel’s current war against the Hamas terrorist organization.

The manifesto also appeared to support Hamas, referring to “sustaining armed struggle against one of the most well-funded militaries in the world” The document also said that “workers and students in the United States have more in common with the people of Palestine, Susan, Korea and India” than others.

It also cited the George Floyd riots and that “the United States and other Western countries will always put their interests first.”

“From our study of history, our answer becomes clear: the surest pathway to a world without war, destruction, hunger and displacement can only be shaped by organization and revolution,” it reads.

The manifesto appears to support the role of communism in Korea, Vietnam and Cuba and has mirrored the larger left-wing nature of many of the protests that have grown on campuses nationwide.

The discovery came after police broke up the significant occupation of part of the campus by student protesters.

Students had occupied a building on campus last month, resulting in police having to clear them out. This ended with more than 100 arrests, including that of the daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Following this incident, students set up a tent city in the middle of campus, causing Columbia to hold classes remotely.

The student protesters then occupied another building on campus, with video showing them defacing the structure and breaking windows. Police again had to clear out the protests, which was met with stiff resistance from the demonstrators.