Trump Criticizes Former AG Barr As A ‘Coward’

Former President Donald Trump criticized former Attorney General William Barr as a “coward” in an interview this week. Trump’s comments follow Barr’s analysis on national television that the former president faced serious legal obstacles due to recent federal charges against him.

The former attorney general said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) acted “responsibly” in its recent announcement of 37 felony charges against Trump stemming from his alleged handling of classified documents.

Barr said that federal investigators were “very deferential” and “very patient” with Trump. He accused the former president of obstructing the subpoena for the alleged documents.

Trump sharply criticized his “totally ineffective” attorney general, saying that Barr used “misinformation.” He further said that Barr was a “coward who didn’t do his job.” 

“We had unbelievable people as you know, in the administration, but we also had some that we got wrong and Bill Barr was a mistake,” Trump said.

He also called Barr a “slob” and a “stupid person in a lot of ways.”

During an interview with Fox News this week, Trump further said that the former attorney general was a “coward.” 

Trump cited a question from Fox host Bret Baier about the number of former officials from his tenure in the White House who criticized him. 

Trump said that “for every person you named I can name 20 people that loved the administration and maybe more. Importantly the voters loved the administration. The voters are dying to get back to it, Bret, the voters are tired of being laughed at all over the world.”

“We are run by a fool,” Trump said about President Joe Biden. “We are run by a man that doesn’t have a clue.”

Barr served as the nation’s top law enforcement official twice, during the administration of former President George H.W. Bush and under Trump. Barr returned to the Justice Department in 2019 following what he characterized as unfair treatment of Trump over claims of collusion between his 2016 campaign and the Russian government.