Poll Shows Little Biden SOTU Progress

A recent poll indicated that Americans are not moved by President Joe Biden’s promises and arguments made during Thursday’s State of the Union address. The results also come amid a spate of polls showing Biden losing ground to former President Donald Trump both in voting intention and on a number of key issues.

The most recent ABC News/Ipsos poll found Biden struggling on key issues important to Americans. Regarding the economy, only 36% approve of Biden’s approach. Biden also has a 35% approval rating regarding the state of crime in the country. Only 30% approve of his approach to the war between Israel and Hamas. On the topic of Ukraine, 41% approve.

Regarding the State of the Union itself, only 36% of independents said that Biden performed worse than expected or about as expected. Among this group, only 25% said that his address was better than expected.

Furthermore, Biden suffers from an enthusiasm gap compared to Trump. Among Republicans, Trump received approvals on certain policies between about 75% and 90%. For Biden, approvals ranged from a low of 59% to about 75%.

More Americans also said that they trusted Trump to run the country over Biden by a 36%-33% margin.

The poll also comes as a recent Fox News survey found that Americans believe that the Biden administration has failed on a number of key topics.

When asked whether or not Biden “mostly succeeded” or “mostly failed,” just 38% of respondents said that the president succeeded in helping the working class. Another 58% disagreed.

On the topic of improving the United States’ image on the world stage, just 36% agreed with Biden’s approach, while 61% disapproved.

On the economy, 36% say that the Biden administration has mostly succeeded, while 61% said that it’s mostly failed.

Regarding the safety of the country, 32% agree with Biden’s policies, while 63% disagree. As for the topic of unifying the country, only 26% of Americans believe that Biden has mostly succeeded, while 69% disagree.

On border security, just 24% believe that Biden has improved the situation, while 71% say that he has mostly failed.