Poll Shows Increase In Black, Latino Support For Republicans

A recent survey showed Republicans gaining a record level of support from non-White voters in the latest round of potentially bad news for President Joe Biden. The news comes as former President Donald Trump has consistently gained in a majority of recent national and statewide polls.

Several polls indicated changing levels of support for the two major parties, with Republicans making key gains with the electorate and with the general population. The Democrats received slightly more support than Republicans, but the gap has shifted from 5% in 2020 to just 1% now. Furthermore, a larger share of non-White voters now identify with the GOP.

Overall 19% of Black adults now state that they are more Republican than not, with 66% siding with Democrats. This figure is the highest level of support for the GOP among Black voters in 25 years.

Republicans also made significant gains with Latino voters. The Republican Party retained its positive favorability with older voters.

In particular, the GOP has gained substantially among rural voters, being favored by 60% compared to Democrats’ 35%, as compared to an even split in 2008.

A recent GQR Research poll of battleground states found Trump with a significant lead.

The poll found Trump in the lead with 49% compared to Biden’s 45%.

In a poll with third-party candidates included Trump maintained his four-point lead. The former president brought in 44% support compared to Biden’s 40%. In third place is independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, who garnered 9%. Professor Cornel West received 1% support while generic candidates for the Libertarian and Green Parties each received 1%.

The former president also held an 8% lead in a Rasmussen Reports survey released earlier this month.

In a head-to-head matchup, the former president gained 49% of the public’s support compared to 41% for Biden. This is an increase in support for Trump since February when the former president had a 6% lead.

Another 8% of the public said that they would vote for a third-party candidate over either Trump or Biden.