Officer Injured In Florida Shooting

A police officer was among those injured in a shooting at a Florida bar this weekend. The slaying highlighted a wider trend of violence against police nationwide, including several attacks on officers by migrants in recent months.

The shooting at a martini bar in Doral City left two individuals dead and seven more injured in the early morning hours of Saturday. An officer was wounded during the incident after attempting to intervene. A security guard who attempted to stop the shooting was killed.

The effort by the City of Doral police officers prevented a worse incident, said Chief of Police Edwin Lopez.

The incident began around 3:30 a.m. after a dispute between customers at the bar. When the security guard attempted to break up the situation, an individual shot and killed him.

There were two police officers working in the bar at the time who were able to quickly respond to the incident. During this incident, one of the officers was hit during the exchange. The same officer shot and killed the suspect.

The officer is currently in stable condition.

One woman and five men were among the wounded patrons.

“This is an extremely disappointing day in our South Florida community. Anytime a law enforcement officer is shot, it tears at the core fabric of our community. But we are grateful that he is alive and in stable condition, and we look forward to completing this investigation,” said Lopez.

One of the highest-profile attacks occurred in New York City earlier this year, where a group of illegal immigrants attacked members of the NYPD in Times Square. The incident was caught on camera.

A group of migrants attacked the officers in late January at the famous tourist attraction. Footage shows the mob kicking the officers.

Originally, all of the suspects were released from custody without bail. However, after significant criticism, the suspects were brought into custody a second time. One of the suspects allegedly attempted to flee the state.