New York Considers $15 Million Migrant Mental Health Program

New York City officials are considering whether or not to fund a $15 million program for the mental health of migrants. The consideration comes as the city’s government has been strained under the weight of nearly 200,000 migrants who entered the Big Apple over the last two years, sparking considerable strain and budget cuts.

City Council members are considering a bill that would place mental health professionals in the city’s 218 migrant shelters. The lowest estimated cost related to the program, if accepted, is $15 million.

The effort was proposed by three Democrats on the council and is their second effort.

The proposal “would require the Mayor’s Office of Community Health to have at least one mental health coordinator at any location where refugees and migrants receive services from the city.”

The administration of New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has come under increasing scrutiny over the flow of migrants into the city. Well-publicized photographs last year showed migrants sleeping on the sidewalk.

In addition, the city government has put migrants in a number of hotels around the city. Special shelters have been opened up for the migrants, including one system of tents and another at a former airfield.

New York is currently facing about $12 billion in current and future costs stemming from the wave of migrants.

According to cuts announced by Adams’ budget, a number of services were cut or reduced. This is the second wave of cuts announced due to the strain of the migrants. Another is planned for the near future.

New York State has supported the city’s migrant expenses with almost $4 billion in spending.

Before the inclusion of new state funds, New York City prepared for significant cuts to library services and to the NYPD. The city was almost forced to cut the NYPD budget by almost $200 million and nearly cut an entire class of new cadets into the police force.

Regardless, the city is facing additional future costs due to the migrant crisis.