Migrants Charged For Border Clash

Dozens of illegal immigrants were charged in relation to a violent effort to storm the United States-Mexico border last month. The migrants clashed with members of the Texas National Guard and broke through one border checkpoint.

The charges against 70 illegal immigrants are the latest indictments following the chaotic scene at the border last week. Migrants attempted to force their way through a security fence and pushed their way against members of the Texas National Guard.

The state plans to charge more than 200 illegal immigrants currently in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

Prior to the latest indictment nine illegal immigrants received federal charges of inciting a riot, attacking police and damage to property.

Included in the charges were those stemming from an attack on a member of the National Guard. A Honduran national was charged with allegedly attacking the guardsman’s knee “purposefully and with malice.” The migrant is now facing a felony charge.

Another migrant attempted to seize the firearm of a member of the National Guard.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said that more than 700 members of the National Guard after the attempted border breach. This included 200 soldiers of the Texas Tactical Border Force in El Paso.

“Mission: Hold the line & deny illegal entry,” said the governor.

Dozens of illegal immigrants were caught on tape storming the border crossing by a New York Post reporter. The wave of migrants was only stopped by a second border barrier.

Abbott’s statement came as the state launched Operation Lone Star to attempt to stop illegal border crossings. The governor utilized the state’s National Guard and law enforcement to install razor wire along the border, prompting a legal clash with the Biden administration.

The state has also reported a number of successes against migration, including the freeing of trafficked people and the seizure of drugs.

Furthermore, the state legislature made illegal entry into Texas a state crime, which set up another legal battle with the Biden administration.

Since President Joe Biden entered into office in 2021, there have been an estimated seven million illegal crossings into the United States.