Kerry Accuses Russia Of Aiding Trump

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said this week that Russia is interfering in the 2024 presidential election, reigniting accusations from 2016 that the candidacy of future President Donald Trump was aided by the Russian government. However, a comprehensive report from special counsel Robert Mueller indicated that fears of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Moscow were unfounded.

The former presidential candidate said that the American political system was changing, adding that “You have to have truth.”

“And we don’t have the same arbiters, the same referees that we used to have in our political structure,” he said.

He was asked by MSNBC host and former Biden administration official Jen Psaki about whether Russia would interfere with the presidential race “again.”

Kerry asserted that Russia was likely “already intervening.”

“It’s going to be absolutely critical that you all in the media help the American people at large to be able to understand the disinformation and what is happening,” he said. “It is really at a level that is deeply, deeply disturbing.”

Kerry’s statement came despite a recent comment by Putin that he preferred President Joe Biden over Trump, calling him more “predictable.”

This is not the only recent comment by Kerry regarding the Russian government. He said that if Russia had the ability to fight a war in Ukraine, it could also reduce carbon emissions. He added that the public may “feel better” if Moscow reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Kerry’s statement also came as other prominent Democrats accused Russia of attempting to interfere in the election. This included Biden administration official Jake Sullivan saying that there were “plenty of reasons to be concerned,” though he could not include any specific examples.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Russia was “adept at interfering” in elections and that there was a chance that it could happen “again” in the United States.

Despite the assertion, there has been no comprehensive evidence of any collusion between the Russian government and Trump’s 2016 campaign.