Israel Reports Downing Most Iranian Missiles

Israel reported that it shot down the vast majority of missiles and drones launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran against it over the weekend. The news comes as Israel was weighing possible responses against Iran for the unprecedented attack of hundreds of projectiles.

Israel and its allies reportedly shot down more than 200 drones and missiles launched at the country by Iran. Most of these were downed outside of Israeli airspace.

Meanwhile, video footage showed a number of missiles and drones being intercepted over Israel. One of the missiles was apparently shot down in space.

In addition to the drone attacks, Iran also fired a series of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles to target Israel.

The response to the attack was aided by a number of other nations. The United States and the United Kingdom shot down a significant number of Iranian drones as they crossed the Middle East. The Royal Jordanian Air Force shot down a number of Iranian projectiles as they transited the country’s airspace. One of the Iranian missiles or drones apparently fell into Jordanian territory and killed several people.

So far the only Israeli casualty as a result of the attack was a ten-year-old Arab girl in Israel. The country also reported minor damage to an Israeli Air Force base in the southern part of the country.

Some Iranian proxies in Syria, Iraq and Yemen also launched projectiles at Israel.

Iran launched the large attack in retaliation for an Israeli strike that killed a number of senior leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on April 1. The strike represented the largest blow against the IRGC since former President Donald Trump ordered the killing of General Qassem Soleimani in 2020.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with President Joe Biden following the wave of attacks. The president reportedly told Netanyahu that the United States would not participate in any possible retaliation against Iran, although the Israeli cabinet approved a possible response.