Fake Green Cards For Sale In NYC

A recent investigation revealed fake social security cards and green cards for sale in New York City as the Big Apple struggles with the influx of almost 200,000 migrants in the past two years. The fake documents also come as the flow of illegal aliens into the country reached an all-time high last year.

Local media reported on at least ten men selling fake documents, with some being tied to the gang MS-13. The fake cards could be purchased for between $80 to $250. The sales were not hidden and out in the open for citizens and non-citizens to see.

The documents include real social security numbers taken from American citizens.

There has been a significant increase in crime linked to the migrant flow. A New York Police Department (NYPD) official stated earlier this year that the issue of illegal immigration and crime in the city are linked.

Despite the nature of the alleged crime and open sales, the vendors are still operating in the New York borough of Queens.

Furthermore, there have been a number of high-profile cases of illegal aliens causing disruption in the city. There have been at least four significant cases of violence in Times Square, including an attack on several NYPD officers by migrants there. Not long after, a migrant minor shot a tourist and attempted to flee the city.

Last month, the famous tourist attraction was the site of two large brawls between groups of illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, city officials have struggled to handle the increased flow of migrants. This includes housing thousands of migrants in the city’s hotels and shelters. In one case, a former airfield was made into a shelter for the illegal immigrants.

New York City has also cut its budget in response to the migrant issues. The increased cost of the illegal immigrants caused the city to cut a number of services, including libraries and reducing training numbers for future NYPD classes.

The city is also considering tax hikes and layoffs to help plug the gap in the city’s budget.