Ex-DNC Head Issues Warning For Biden Campaign

Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Donna Brazile issued a warning for the 2024 campaign of President Joe Biden in the latest sign of concern for his ailing reelection effort. The former chair said that Biden is widely ignored by the public, which could be a major factor aiding former President Donald Trump back to the White House.

Brazile said in a recent news interview that Biden should “speak out more.”

“Also we should cover what he’s saying because often when he speaks, nobody listens,” she said.

Brazile was a leading figure in former Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 campaign for president.

The former DNC chief’s comments also come amid increased concern about Biden’s lagging poll numbers.

The president raised an impressive $25 million in a New York City fundraiser late last month, shoring up his fundraising numbers. However, Trump more than doubled that figure during a fundraiser in Florida this weekend.

The former president now has a significant lead in a number of national and statewide polls. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, Trump now leads in six of seven crucial swing states that could decide the presidency.

The survey found that Biden is now trailing Trump in all swing states except for Wisconsin where the two candidates are tied at 46% each. Trump currently leads the president in Arizona by 5%, in Georgia by 1%, in Michigan by 3%, in Nevada by 4%, in North Carolina by 6% and in Pennsylvania by 3%.

The polling results were consistent with a series of recent swing state surveys in recent months.

The former president also leads among Americans on a number of crucial issues, which could be a major boost for the Trump campaign.

According to a recent CNBC poll, the former president leads Biden on the issue of immigration by 48%. He also leads by more than 25% on a number of other important topics, including taxes, the economy, China, crime and inflation.