Democrat Criticizes Chicago For Migrant Crisis

A Democratic candidate in Chicago has condemned his city’s approach to illegal immigration as the city struggles under the pressure of an ongoing migrant crisis. The city has also faced other recent crises, including a significant increase in crime in recent years.

Candidate Andre Smith told Fox News this week that the city was spending money from “the hard-owned taxpayers, taxpayers’ dollars that don’t have the luxury now to go to the park in their community because migrants are there.”

Smith condemned the approach of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D), and called the current situation “an invasion.”

“You tell us that there’s no funding or the lack of funding. But then you bring migrants in and make them shelters. That’s not the American way,” said Smith.

Smith argued that the city had the funding adding that “every now and then they say, ‘Hey, we found more millions, we found more money.’”

He further said that the mayor “can’t handle” the ongoing crisis and that the “job was not cut for him.”

Johnson’s approach to the migrant crisis is now under scrutiny after revelations of poor conditions at migrant facilities.

Johnson has come under criticism for his approach to the migrant issues. Despite the increasing number of illegal aliens entering the city, his administration has taken no significant steps to stem the flow.

Furthermore, Chicago is using a number of resources to house the migrants, including police stations and a former high school. This has drawn criticism from many of the city’s Black residents and even other elected Democrats.

Despite the issues with crime and economic issues, the Chicago City Council has also stepped into other matters. This week, the mayor broke a tie in the city council to pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

The city has witnessed a large increase of both property and violent crime in recent years, especially following the 2020 George Floyd riots. Furthermore, the city saw a particular increase in auto thefts last year, especially among Hyundais and Kias.