Trump Backs Israel Mission As Biden Delays Arms

Former President Donald Trump announced this weekend that he completely supported Israel’s current campaign against the terrorist group Hamas during a weekend rally in New Jersey. Trump’s comments came after the Biden administration delayed munitions shipments to Israel and the president said that further arms may be restricted.

Trump said that President Joe Biden’s statement that he would withhold weapons came as Israel attempted to “eradicate Hamas terrorists in Gaza.”

“I support Israel’s right to win its war on terror. Is that OK? I don’t know if that’s good or bad politically; I don’t care, gotta do what’s right,” Trump added.

Trump also referred to the recent anti-Israel protests at universities.

“He’s surrendering our college campuses to anarchists, jihadist freaks and anti-American extremists who are trying to tear down our American flag. They want to tear down every single place they go,” said Trump.

The former president also called on the president at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) “to return the donations of all antisemites, American haters and financiers of chaos on our campuses.”

Trump’s comments came during his sprawling weekend rally in New Jersey, which attracted up to 100,000 people.

The comments also came just days after the former president said that any Jewish person who voted for Biden after his recent actions should be “ashamed.”

Biden said earlier this week that if Israel continued with its plans to attack the final Hamas stronghold of Rafah the United States could further restrict arms deliveries.

Despite the president’s comments, the Israeli government approved an attack on Rafah earlier this week.

Biden has come under pressure from left-wing activist groups over the current conflict. His campaign also received significant criticism from Muslim American leaders in Michigan, including a large protest vote against him in the Democratic Party presidential primary.
As a result, the decline in support among Muslim Americans and Black voters in Michigan could have a significant impact on the election. The state is crucial to each major campaign and could ultimately decide the fate of the White House.