Corruption Probe Into NYC Mayor Expands

A corruption investigation into New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) expanded significantly in the last week amid concerns that he exchanged favors for airline tickets. The latest news came about a year into a significant probe into the alleged use of foreign money in the mayor’s political campaign.

The investigation is likely linked to a wider probe into whether or not money from Turkey affected Adams’ actions. The mayor allegedly utilized Turkish Airlines, which is connected to the office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The FBI is looking into whether or not the mayor received free air travel upgrades from the airline.

Law enforcement is probing whether or not an executive at Turkish Airlines arrangted for upgrades to the mayor’s air travel. Federal law enforcement is weighing whether or not the mayor’s political campaign worked with the Turkish government in exchange for money.

There is also concern that Adams may have used his position to pressure the New York Fire Department (NYFD) to approve a consulate for the Turkish diplomatic mission that could be unsafe.

Despite the investigation, the mayor and his staff deny any wrongdoing.

“As borough president, the mayor consistently disclosed his official travel to Turkey, did not receive any improper upgrades and did nothing inappropriate in exchange for an upgrade,” said Adams’ lawyer Brendan McGuire. “Speculation is not evidence. We look forward to a just and timely conclusion to this investigation.”

The apartment of an aide to the mayor was raided last year. Following that search, separate raids happened at two houses owned by another Adams aide.

“I am not worried. I’ve lived by one rule that I share with everyone. Follow the rules, follow the law. I did this my entire life as a law enforcement officer and I’m going to continue to do that,” Adams said last year.

The office and apartments of Winnie Greco and Briana Suggs coincided with the seizure of Adams’ electronic devices as part of the probe.