Bud Light Highlights Football In New Ad

Bud Light introduced a new ad this week that includes the traditional themes of sports, often used in beer advertising. The effort comes as Bud Light continues to suffer consumer backlash from its marketing partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

The latest ad included football stars Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith. The two are featured in a bar. Manning, the retired quarterback, purchases beers for the bars’ patrons. One customer catches the beer in one hand, with Smith declaring a touchdown.

“Experiencing the playoffs or the Super Bowl is a special moment for a fan, and I’m happy that Emmitt and I get to be part of Bud Light’s mission to host their largest-ever NFL postseason ticket giveaway,” Manning said of the commercial.

The brand also attempted to gain attention through other sports, as well. In October, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced that Bud Light would become its official beer brand.

The beer brand’s April decision to partner with Mulvaney has had a significant impact on its market share. Prior to the promotion, Bud Light was the most sold beer in the United States.

However, since the announcement, Bud Light has been dethroned in the position by Modelo Especial. Furthermore, other Bud Light competitors such as Coors Light have gained in relative sales.

Other Anheuser-Busch brands such as Budweiser have also been affected by the decline in sales.

Sales dipped by about a third following the announcement including Mulvaney was made on social media. Overall sales of Anheuser-Busch beverages remained down almost 17% in the third quarter.

Furthermore, the company’s revenue has fallen by almost 15% during the same period.

Despite more than half a year since the Mulvaney decision, the brand’s reputation has not recovered. Furthermore, the company announced the departure of its previous chief marketing officer amid the ongoing sales slump. This follows the departure of several other marketing officials earlier in the year.

Overall sales of Bud Light appear to be at about the same low from during the summer and early fall.