Biden Campaign Seeks To Bolster Michigan

The campaign of President Joe Biden plans a major push in Michigan amid concerns that he may lose the state to former President Donald Trump. The effort comes amid a number of recent polls showing Biden falling behind Trump in the poll, especially after declining support among several demographic groups.

the state Democratic Party plans to open 30 more offices supporting Biden and its candidates later this year.

A March CNN survey placed Trump ahead of Biden in Michigan. Trump gained 50% while Biden received just 42%. A February Bloomberg poll placed Trump ahead of Biden by 2%, with the former president gaining 46% to Biden’s 44%.

Biden made a campaign stop in Michigan last month.

The Biden campaign faces multiple issues in the state ahead of the November election. It went narrowly for Trump in the 2016 campaign over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, the state then flipped narrowly to Biden four years later.

Biden suffers from low approval ratings in the state, and its unique status as a state with a formerly strong industrial base makes it a potential Trump pickup. The former president performed especially well with the state’s rural and blue-collar population.

The president also appears to be losing support among two of the most important demographic groups in the state. Biden has been struggling with Black voters nationwide, with some polls showing that nearly a quarter of Black Americans may back Trump at the ballot box.

Biden is also struggling among Arab Americans and Muslim Americans, especially since the start of the current conflict in the Middle East last October. Biden was the target of a campaign by Muslim American leaders calling for voters in the Democratic presidential primary to select ‘Uncommitted’ rather than Biden.

A decline in support from the Muslim American or Black community could prove to be the difference in the race between Trump and Biden in Michigan.

A wider decline in support among these demographics could also place other states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania into play as well.