Biden Approval Falls To Lowest Level

President Joe Biden received the poorest approval rating so far in his tenure, according to a recent TIPP poll. The news comes as the president currently trails former President Donald Trump in nearly every major national poll.

The overall poll number shows a significant decline in Biden’s approval rating, but also an increase in those who disapprove of his job performance. In the poll taken at the end of November and the start of December, Biden currently holds a 33% approval rating, while 55% disapprove.

The internal information within the poll spells a very difficult situation for the president. This includes approval from just 21% of independents, while 64% disapprove. Even among Democrats, just 66% approve of Biden’s job performance while a significant 19% do not.

Furthermore, 15% of Democrats are not sure about how they feel about Biden’s tenure. Among Republicans, 86% disapprove of the president’s handling of his job, while a slight 9% approve.

Other recent polls have shown that the former president would beat Biden in most crucial swing states if the election were held today. These include most of the states that Biden narrowly carried over Trump three years ago.

Biden’s overall approval rating has fallen below 40% in the RealClearPolitics average of major polls. Currently, Biden has a 39.8% approval rating among the major polls, while 56.4% disapprove.

This includes the recent Wall Street Journal poll, which had Biden’s approval rating at 37%, while his disapproval rating stood at 61%.

The same poll found that Trump would defeat Biden by 4% if the election were to be held today. Trump also holds a significant lead over his Republican primary challengers, according to the same poll.

Biden has not received a positive approval rating in the polling average since the summer of 2021 when he ordered the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Furthermore, Biden’s approval ratings are nearing the lowest points of his presidency, while his disapproval ratings have been rising steadily since the summer, nearing another high.