Biden Admin Approved Thousands Of Migrant Flights To NYC

The Biden administration approved the flights of more than 30,000 migrants to New York City, according to recently-revealed documents. The revelation came as New York struggles with the influx of almost 200,000 migrants in the last several years.

New York City has taken in about 33,000 migrants flown to the city from flights approved by the Biden administration. The amount represents more than a fifth of the migrants who have entered into the country in recent years.

One of the migrants on the flights approved by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now accused of raping a developmentally disabled young woman after arriving in the country from Haiti.

Overall, the DHS approved almost 400,000 such migrant flights last year despite not receiving congressional approval for the program.

The revelation came amid significant concerns regarding the flow of migrants into the city and into the country. Since President Joe Biden took office in 2021, more than seven million illegal immigrants are estimated to have entered the country.

Furthermore, the flow appears to be increasing. Last year broke a new record for the highest level of migrant encounters at more than three million, the first year that figures exceeded that amount. Last December also saw the highest level of migrant crossings on a monthly basis, which surpassed 300,000 for the first time.

Much of the flow into the country and New York City occurred since the White House announced the end of the Title 42 asylum policy, which was initiated under former President Donald Trump.

New York faces a series of issues due to the increased flow of migrants. This includes an increase in crime, including an attack on a man in a migrant tent city on Monday. There has also been an increase in the operations of a migrant street gang, as well.

Furthermore, New York City has faced several budget pressure due to the increase in migrants, including a projected $7 billion deficit. So far the city has made a series of budget cuts and is currently considering both further cuts and potential tax increases.