Trump Opens Lead In Key Swing State

Former President Donald Trump now leads President Joe Biden in Michigan, a state that may decide the presidential election in November. The former president’s momentum comes as Biden is losing support among several key demographics, including Black and Muslim voters, which could have large implications in the general election.

According to a new CNN-SSRS, the former president polls 50% in Michigan, compared to Biden’s 42%. The state has gone back and forth in elections in recent years. Former President Barack Obama won the state in 2012, followed by Trump and then Biden in 2020.

Trump has been building strength among demographic groups that he did not win there in 2020. The former president now has a lead among independents as well as young voters.

Among those polled under 45, Trump now leads by 15%. He is also leading among independents by 10%.

The former president has gained notably among Black and Muslim American voters, who may decide the fate of the state later. The state has a small but significant Muslim American and Arab American population.

During the Democratic Party presidential primary, Muslim American leaders called on Democrats to vote ‘uncommitted’ rather than for Biden. The effort gained significantly more votes than originally planned.

Furthermore, Muslim leaders would not meet with members of Biden’s reelection campaign amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Some Muslim American leaders accused Biden of being too supportive of Israel, even as many conservatives believe that he is not.

A loss of a significant part of Muslim American support could cost Biden states such as Michigan and Minnesota.

The Michigan poll also comes as the former president has improved his standing with minority voters across the country. Trump now leads Biden among Latino voters, which could have a major impact in states such as Nevada, Arizona and more.

National polls have shown a significant jump in support for Trump among Black voters, which could have wider implications in November, including in states such as Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania.