San Francisco’s Drug Crisis Is Out Of Control

An ex-addict warned how San Francisco, CA, is now a significant part of the nationwide drug crisis as the city faces trouble figuring out how to combat what some describe as a “cartel-fueled” catastrophe.

San Francisco activist Tom Wolf, who founded the Pacific Coalition for Prevention and Recovery, thinks organized crime has worsened the city’s opioid issue as the amount of drug-related overdoses keeps shooting up.

“Unfortunately for San Francisco, we’ve become the epicenter of the overdose crisis in the United States,” Wolf reportedly said on Tuesday. “We have the highest overdose death rate per capita of any county in the United States right now, and if we don’t step in and intervene – and what I mean by intervene is, we need to actually come in and take these organized drug dealers down because they are cartel-fueled, organized drug dealers that are operating on our streets… And we have about 500 of them right now operating in San Francisco in broad daylight, right on the street for everyone to see, and we just don’t have enough resources to stop them,” he maintained.

Numerous videos taken of alleged drug overdoses in San Francisco can be found across social media:

Wolf’s remarks came after a sad video that surfaced last week allegedly showed paramedics placing a dead body into a coroner’s van, according to OANN. It was apparently the third overdose call of the morning.

The San Francisco office of the chief medical examiner reportedly stated there were 131 accidental drug overdose deaths in January and February of 2023 alone.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers have said that officials have confiscated over 800 pounds of fentanyl between ports of entry since October. This includes the 232 pounds of the drug found in merely one vehicle during a traffic stop in San Clemente, California. According to Fox News, this is enough to end the lives of 50 million Americans.

Wolf noted that San Francisco is drastically low on new police recruits, with many longtime officers allegedly quitting the force in large numbers.

“We’re down 500 police officers in our city… We took $28 million of funding away from the police two years ago. Nobody wants to come to the city to become a cop. People are retiring and leaving the police force. So, yeah, we’re really under the gun,” he claimed.

San Francisco reportedly saw 647 drug overdose fatalities last year, with 458 being tied to fentanyl.