Trump Sees Personal Wealth Skyrocket

Former President Donald Trump saw a large increase in personal net wealth despite a number of civil and criminal cases against him and he faces a $175 million bond in relation to several court judgments. The sharp increase in Trump’s wealth comes as his social media outlet Truth Social is set for a large-scale merger and to be listed on the stock market

Trump’s social media network is set for a merger with a major media company. Digital World Acquisition Corp. and Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. received approval from federal regulators, which caused his wealth to jump considerably.

This allowed for the former president to be listed among the wealthiest 500 people on the planet.

The former president’s wealth nearly tripled after word of the upcoming merger, which will see the new company, Trump Media listed on the stock exchange with the ticker “DJT.” The increase also means that the former president will more than double his all-time record of personal wealth.

The former president has a majority stake in the country and boasts Truth Social, as well as his social media account there with almost seven million followers.

The former president praised his social media platform, telling media that it is “doing well.” “It’s hot as a pistol. It’s going public. The New York Stock Exchange wants to have us badly,” he said.

Trump also said that the leadership at the New York Stock Exchange was “very upset” about how he was treated in New York State.

He said that other companies did not want to do business in New York because of the actions of New York Attorney General Tish James (D), who prosecuted a civil case against him. Trump said that she was a “thug” and the worst attorney general in the country.

The former president also won a court appeal against James which reduced his upcoming bond payment from more than $400 million to $175 million. Trump said that he would cover the cost of the bond.