Ronna McDaniel Says She’ll Win RNC Chair Despite Challenges

Ronna McDaniel indicated she is confident in her chances of being reelected as the Republican National Committee chair despite attempts by some conservatives to see her out.

The RNC chairwoman stated that she has the backing of two-thirds of states during an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner. According to the outlet, this would allow her to handily win the necessary 51% of votes during the election taking place at the party’s California winter meeting at the end of the month.

“The members of the RNC who are grassroots volunteers and are elected and really understand what the RNC does, I have the vast majority of support,” McDaniel reportedly said in a phone call Wednesday. “I have two-thirds of their support with their names in writing on a letter.”

As many already know, some have stepped up to challenge the bid for McDaniel’s position. American lawyer and GOP official Harmeet Dhillon announced last month that she would be seeking the position, arguing that the GOP is now a “populist party,” that no longer wants to see messaging inspired by the “Chamber of Commerce,” “Neocon[s],” or “Warmonger[s].”

Several states have said they refuse to back McDaniel, citing election results for the GOP in the past three elections, especially the Nov. 2022 midterms where Republicans failed to win back the Senate.

The Alabama Republican Party declared it would not be supporting McDaniel Monday, joining Arizona and Texas.

McDaniel argued that the RNC is not at fault for the GOP’s lackluster delivery in the midterm elections despite predictions of a so-called ‘red wave.’

“You need the road and the car to get to your destination. We built the road. The candidates are the cars and it takes both, and I’m not candidate bashing,” McDaniel asserted. “The RNC doesn’t pick the candidates; the voters do. We don’t do the messaging for the campaigns. That’s up to each individual candidate. But if you look at what the RNC is responsible for, which is turning out the vote, 3 million more Republicans turned out than Democrats.”

Also challenging McDaniel in her bid for RNC chair is MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.