Rep. Garcia Fighting For Public’s Access To Newsmax

One member of Congress is fighting to make sure that Americans have the choice of news outlets. Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) is leading the current fight to keep Newsmax in their channel lineup.

Garcia made his comments during an interview on Spicer & Co.

The Congressman argued that DirecTV’s decision had more than just business implications.

He said, “When you deplatform someone who you disagree with, it eventually does boomerang with you and these same entities will not like you eventually and do the same to you if you don’t protect that First Amendment.”

Newsmax has rapidly become one of the most popular conservative channels and websites. For viewers looking for a different perspective than Fox News or from major left-leaning media outlets, often Newsmax is their choice.

The increased popularity of the channel is one of the major reasons why it is included in a number of cable packages. It also makes the channel’s removal from DirecTV’s lineup especially puzzling.

The move also comes at a time when Newsmax has carried out similar cuts in the past. DirectTV, which is owned by AT&T, decided to cut Newsmax’s access to their 13 million customers on Jan. 24th. DirecTV stated that the decision was a financial one.

This follows a similar cancellation of the conservative news channel OAN in April 2022.

The decision, Garcia said, may not have been financial. He said that he was requesting data on whether or not Newsmax was profitable for the cable giant.

He also asked if this was a “political vendetta against a news outlet that is giving a voice” to conservatives and those “thirsty for objective news sources.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) said the same, calling the decision “mind-boggling.” Texas Sen Ted Cruz (R) also slammed the company for their decision, discussing possible wider implications on his podcast Verdict.

Newsmax is, according to the outlet itself, the fourth largest cable news channel by viewership and has a viewership of at least 25 million Americans.